My blogging journey is still beautiful and the tales can’t be told without these five bloggers.🤫 My five bloggers are iron women.

Akiteng Isabella, she is a Ugandan blogger, Managing Partner at Femme forte Uganda, she is a Proud christian feminist, and i proudly say that she is my mentor. Thats probably the least i can say about her. It was a beautiful sunny morning during this quarantine in one the debating groups that i share in common with her, she posted one of her blogs on the group and i was quick to read it and of course it was a good one so i liked it and i asked her to help me open a WordPress site for myself because she is selfless even with her busy schedule she offered to help though i wasn’t serious enough i left the conversation hagging, then on another day i was sickly because i wasn’t giving myself enough rest🤣🤣so what she did she removed me from the group and asked me to rest, after resting she reminded of how i had interests in blogging so she asked me to open a blog site and she helped to open one. So that’s the reason i choose to talk about her today.

Penelope Sanyu, she is a Ugandan blogger as well, Chief Executive officer at femme forte Uganda. Sanyu that letter i still run and read it😇😇 every time i want to refill some positive vibe. She really inspires me as well. Because her energy is positively charged and everyone should honestly read her blogs.🧐🧐 Honestly it’s the least i can say.

khanani Daniellah, Oh i just forgot to put a tittle of Dr on her name. Danny every time i read your blogs i tell myself “Prisca i hope you can see Danny’s blog and you also push harder like she does” 😔 her blogs carry alot of trusium and inspiration. Before i forget she is a student of law at Uganda Christian University (UCU) and a project intern at center for health, human rights and Development (CEHURD).

Maria Speria Nakigudde, oh my girl she really loves blogging and everytime she is off to write she tells me because our blogging tales are still few, we just started the journey but with people like her around me just wait for more from us.

Justin love, 🤫 Your probably wondering why those names, Those are the names she uses on her site. I met her in the blogging world and with her sense of humor in her blogs it pulls me to put her here Everytime i publish a blog somehow somewhere she finds away of liking my blogs. Thank you Justin love indeed love and with the love you have for lrish potatoes and liver we shall talk about this🤩.

Thank you so much all my friends who are bloggers a special shout-out to you all.

Published by Prisca Pearly.

I am the Proverbs 31 woman. Akellowanga Prisca. I love reading, writing, debating , smiling😍😍 and Christ is my love 😇😇


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